Uus sissejuhatav kursus C. G. Jungi ja analüütilise psühholoogia tutvustamiseks

Septembrist käivitub uus sissejuhatav kursus “C. G. Jung ja analüütiline psühholoogia”. Kursus on võimalus tutvuda analüütilise psühholoogiaga süstemaatiliselt ja eesti keeles.  Selle peamine eesmärk on anda põhjalik  sissejuhatav ülevaade Carl Gustav Jungi analüütilise psühholoogia teooria ja praktika põhitõdedest ning meetoditest.

Kursus on avatud kõigile C. G. Jungist ja analüütilisest psühholoogiast huvitatutele. Kursuse läbimine on ühtlasi eelduseks hiljem avatavasse analüütiku/psühhoteraapiaõppe programmi sisenemisel.

Info registreerimise kohta signe.sammelselg@gmail.com

Kursuse programm, ajakava on siin.

IX World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020-2021

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Dear colleagues!

We are moving towards the completion of the scientific program of the IX World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020-2021. At present moment the World Congress for Psychotherapy is to become a home for more than 50 scientific conferences, symposia, plenary and panel sessions and roundtable discussions.

However, a number of panel sessions organized within the World Congress for Psychotherapy have not yet received their chairmen and organizers. Among them are:

  • «Balint Group Therapy»,
  • «Behavioral Psychotherapy»,
  • «Dianalysis»,
  • «Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis»,
  • «Ethical Personalism»,
  • «Gestalt Psychotherapy»,
  • «Groupanalysis»,
  • «Hypno Psychotherapy»,
  • «Integrative Child Psychotherapy»,
  • «Katathym-imaginative Psychotherapy (Symboldrama)»,
  • «Musical Psychotherapy»,
  • «Person-Oriented (Reconstructive) Psychotherapy»,
  • «Psychocathalysis»,
  • «Psychosynthesis»,
  • «Systemic Constellations»,
  • «Systemic Family Psychotherapy»,
  • «Therapy by the Means of Creative Self-Expression»,
  • «Values-Oriented Psychotherapy».

Should you suggest a candidate for a chairing position at one of the panel sessions listed above, the Organizing committee of the Congress would gladly encourage you to send the information about them for approval. You are also welcome to send us your proposal on holding any other event under your chairmanship within the framework of the World Congress for Psychotherapy.

Please, send your proposals to: Congress President Victor Makarov, 9259036@gmail.com,

Congress Scientific Program Coordinator Sofiya Kamalova, oppl.doc@gmail.com.

The deadline for Congress proceedings and proposals on chairing positions and Congress events is on December 25, 2020.

We thank you for your attention and cooperation!

With warmest regards,
Sofiya Kamalova,
Representative for the Organizing Committee
IX World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020-2021
+7 (916) 062-00-26,

Eksistentsiaalse teraapia väljaõpe (inglise keeles)

The Institute of Humanistic and Existential Psychology invites psychologists (including students at the master‘s level), medical doctors (also residents) and social workers interested in psychological counselling and psychotherapy to join studies in the programme of Existential Therapy, Basic Level. This is the first stage in acquiring the qualification of psychotherapist. Read more: Letter of Invitation, Existential Therapy Basic Course

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